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    I am coming from the Pocket PC world and I am trying to figure out the best way to sync all my information in all the contacts I have with the Treo 600. I have searched the forums and have read alot of posts on this program and that program. All I want is for all the information that I have for each and every contact to be also in each and every contact field on the Tre 600.

    I am currently using Pocket Mirror Std 3.1.6 to get the information. I have messed with alot of the settings to try and get all the inportant fields to sync but it is not working like I want. It is only syncing one postal address instead of two address for the contacts that have both Home and Work. It is not getting all the email addresses and phone numbers.

    Why is it Palm can not handle this information?? I have tried to manually enter in all this information on one of my contacts and it did not even come close to being succesful.

    Any help from the palm gurus would be much appreciated.

    Edited part: I would still like to keep the ease use of dialing numbers using the dialer. I am trying the keysuite now but it is not very treo600 phone dial friendly.
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    Unfortunately, the built-in Palm apps don't have as many fields as Outlook does, so there's no way to get all the data into your Palm using the standard apps.

    There are a couple of 3rd party apps(Dataviz BeyondContacts and Chapura KeySuite)that do what you want by using proprietary databases instead of the Palm apps.

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