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    Cool website folks! I'm a newbie to this and just got my T600 about a week ago and already can't imagine life without it. I did have a question for everyone though...

    Does anyone have any information on the overall battery life of the Lithium Ion battery that is in the Treo 600. As far as I can tell, the battery is not replaceable, so how long before it dies or has a significant decrease in performance (charge length/strength)? I've heard that typical Lithium Ion batteries will last for anywhere from 400-600 "charges"... is this true? I charge my battery every night, so that would mean that in less than 2 years, my battery dies? Does anyone have any information regarding this? I've heard that this has been a problem with the Lithium batteries in the Apple iPods, but don't know if there is a connection.

    Thanks in advance for any help. Looking forward to participating and learning on this board.
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    Bump... and a supplemental question/idea....

    Could the prevalent/common Battery/Network Search problem be related to a life issue on the Lithium Ion battery? Again this type of short life issue is pretty well documented for the Apple iPod, and possibly other devices that have frequent charge cycles... could this be the culprit? Does anyone have any ideas on how this might impact that T600? Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    The battery is going to go out at some point.

    I've had mine for three months now. I charge twice a day (I use it heavily). It already drains a little faster than it did when new ... but not dramatically. I imagine a year from now I will eaither have to buy a new unit, or do one of the batter-replacement hacks.

    Or the Treo 610, 620, 690, or the Treo 385.14159265 will be out and i'll get that.

    They really should have replaceable batteries. If no other reason than to give you a spare on the road.

    You're probably going to get two years max out of the battery, and after a year it will probably last half as long as it does now.

    But, whaddya gonna do?
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    Is there any way to replace the battery. There are people on Ebay selling internal batteries for the Treo600.

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    I use to have a Treo 270 another non removable battery device. After about a year it was worthless to me. The battery would not stay charged for an hour. Strange too, because it was almost a year to the day. You can send in the treo to a service department (or maybe Sprint, at the time the 270 was through Tmobile) for a battery replacement. I am not too worried in ten months I will probably opt for a replacement. I always say I won't but when they come out I usually jump on the latest and greatest.
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    My battery is lasting a full day, charged up over night and ready to go each morning. I anticipate geting 2 - 3 years of life from it. But in 2.5 years, GSM will be on a 3g style network, with higher speed data, so the Treo 600 will be obselete. Generally, I am burning through a pda every 1.5 to 3 years now, and have anew cell phone roughly every eight months. It's the price of being an early adopter and gadget guy. Treo 270s do have replacable batteries (not sure how hard it is to do it) and the 600 looks like you can open it up... has anyone tried?
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    I agree, that if the battery does maintain a reasonable (~90% of new) performance for the next year or 18 months (best case) that would probably take me past the effective life of the device any way, as I will probably be looking for the new new thing by then.

    The real issue is if the battery doesn't even last for a year. In my opinion that would be a big product problem. I too currently recharge the device each night, and occasionally during the day, and consider myself a heavy user. A replaceable battery, that let's us carry around a spare would be a big plus for me.

    I guess the real concern, at the risk of being redundant, is if these battery/network search problems are commonplace after a certain length of time due to an inherent battery problem (LiOn or otherwise) with the device. Any thoughts or information in that regard out there?
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    the battery is replaceable, at least by anyone with basic-intermediate skills.

    in the visor prism and T300, the battery was attached to the circuit board via 2 wires, which had a socket allowing you to disconnect it without hassle. I have seen visor prism and T300 batteries on ebay for like $30.

    These devices usually use standard off-the-shelf batteries. Of course, they are not the type you buy in wal-mart, but are generally available P/Ns available from specialty retailers or electronics supply specialists.

    a removable battery would lower the capacity quite a bit. all that extra plastic and space for the terminals would eat several hundred mAh from the battery's capacity. The T600 has an enormous 1800mAh battery...50-100% larger than ANY other palm (tungsten C included)
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    A retail source for Handspring batteries posted here:

    Old T600 battery thread

    That website still doesn't have any T600 batteries listed though.

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    In the meantime, there are plenty of different external battery packs avilable on Ebay.

    I've doubled my battery life - I have two Treo 600s

    One on the O2 network , one on Orange.

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