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    Can the Treo 600 sync with Mac OS X?
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    Works fine on both my PC and my MAC. Even works with iSync.

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    I'm expecting to receive my Treo 600 tomorrow. How do you sync the Treo 600 with a Mac? Is it thru a usb cradle since there's no bluetooth?
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    The instructions (manual) will tell you how to sync with a Mac. It isn't difficult.
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    Try some searches on OSX and the 600. There are plenty of helpful hints and tips in this group.
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    Syncing is pretty easy... I use iSync to sync my Treo with iCal and Address Book (I use these apps because I use a .Mac account to keep all of my computers synced). I have not had any problems and have not tried Entourage or any other PIMs. And yes, it is through USB.
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    Thanks, everyone. I got it working. I just used the Entourage sync conduit from and everything works beautifully!

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