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    1) Does anyone else notice that when using the phone, the Treo 600 battery consumption seems "normal" but when using internet (Blazer or Chatter or Verichat), the battery drain is too quick? I.E. yesterday I left a friend's with 98 % charge, rode the bus for 45 minutes and all the while surfing the web, got off bus to have only 50 or 60% charge?!! Anyone else have this quick of battery drain & can confirm it is whilst using the internet? It it normal? The usage time of this battery seems bogus to me. The same or worse than the Treo300.

    2) If you've received a replacement phone because of this battery drain, was the new phone any better?

    3) Do you think it is wrong to cuddle with you Treo?

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    (am I the only one?)

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    Check out the batterygraph application (, it gives good monitoring of the battery power vs usage time. In my case sine the last charge I used the palm for 2.17 hours with about 10 minutes of calls and battery dropped to 72%.

    In your case you were using the phone for 45 minutes which is said to take a lot of power. Combined with the browser usage the figures might not be that much off.


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