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    I know, I know, I can get chatter but does anyone know of a freeware program that will work on my treo. I found one but it won't work. I got the uk aim and it works fine I had a reset prob at first but it was when I tried to open another program, deleted the other prog. and now fine). now I wanna add msn.
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    Verichat from pdapps, or tipic from or chatopus

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    This TIPIC thingy looks interesting if only it would work on the T600....
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    It works on my T600, slowly but it works

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    If you want something that is realiable and works well get Chatter. Its only $20 and there is no subscription fees like Verichat. If you can afford to get a Treo 600, you must can afford $20 for a communication app such as Chatter.
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    And you must can afford:
    Callfilter $29
    Pocket tunes $25
    Snappermail $35
    This $29
    That $39
    In the end it can easily cost you 900-1000 dollars.... So everything counts, YES ;-)
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    CallFilter - Way over priced. If a good SMS filter is free how can a $29 fee for call filter be justified? If all you want is to not get "no caller id" calls try a silent ring tone. Yeah the phone still rings, but you don't hear it. The only thing CallFilter adds to "no caller id" calls is it also blocks the answer dialog. $29 = greedy developer. And people think M$ is bad.

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    yardie, I did not pay for my treo but thats not important. the fact is that the apps ADD UP BIG TIME. maybe you don't mind putting alot of money into things that you don't even know how well they will work but I do. try getting a refund (not saying you NEVER can but...)

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