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    My Treo 600 has just started to force a reset on me after each HotSync. Everything was going fine for three months until today when it started refusing to sync any new data and to take a really long time restoring every database at each sync session.

    Once the sync completes I get an onscreen message saying my Treo must be reset, 'please push this button to restart your handheld'...

    I am using:

    Treo 600 (Orange GSM UK)
    Windows XP
    Lotus Notes 6
    Lotus EasySync 4.2

    I have tried soft/system/hard resets and have also re-installed the desktop software/hotsync as well as my EasySync conduit.

    I have just moved to the desktop cradle from the USB cable, and had sync'd successfully, but I don't remember changing anything else & haven't installed any new apps before / since.

    Any ideas?
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    perhaps the little tickbox in HotSync / Custom / System marked 'desktop overwrites handheld' holds the key... DOH!

    i had inadvertently told my pc to overwrite all my treo databases with the last versions saved on friday - again, and again, and again...
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    This happened to me. I had to do a hard reset

    Also, I seemed to have a .prc file in my backup that was causing the problems. I moved games and crap to another directory and re-sync'ed and didn't have anymore problems.

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