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    I cannot get Audible to work in background mode. I have that option selected but whenever I exit audible to do something else on the phone the sound gets muffled. Is anyone else getting this? Is there a solution?
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    Good question as I have the same problem. I sent an e-mail to Audible over a week ago and have not recieved a response from them.
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    me too!
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    same trouble here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lenman
    same trouble here.
    Hi, I have the same problem. Have you found any solution for this yet?
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    Looks like this problem has been around. Is there a fix yet?
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    Wow we're kicking a dead horse here Peeds what version/platform your working off of? I'm running a T650 and using audible version 2.7.1 and can leave audible player fine with no noticable change in playback. I get skipping and such if I'm checking email or other intensive items but not anything minor.

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    Hmm, I got a 600, but only version 2.0. Guess I'll try the latest version and see what happens....
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    I came to know that several Treo 600 users have had this problem, and there doesn't seem to be a solution that Audible can offer at this time.

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