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    I've tried them all, Snapper, VersaMail, Eudora, Iambic, Inbox-to-Go, yet, keep coming back to the pre-installed Mail program (Handspring, Mail v. 1.01) as it does what it needs to do and (almost) perfectly supports the 5-way navigation button.

    If only there was the possibility to synchronize with Outlook's inbox. Chapura, XTND Connect and Intellisync synchronize everything but emails.

    Isn't there a conduit out there which enables synching between Treo's generic email software and Outlook? If not, isn't there a programmer out there who could build such a conduit? Needless to say, I'd be paying for such an add-on.

    Any hints are very, very welcome.

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    I second that request - and would gladly pay, too.
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    did you try the latest version of InboxToGo ? 2.503 added Treo 5-way navigator support.

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    After reading this post I started to play with t6 mail, I had it setup to work with my mobil carriers account but it never worked that way, I could send and receive through sms, so I decided to try with my internet carrier account with pop3 and it worked, I can send and receive my email I dont loose them to the t6 I also receive it in my pc.
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    I know that Inbox-To-Go synchronizes with Outlook. I'm using Agendus Pro, which comes with Inbox-To-Go. The problem with Inbox is that it only allows one email account. I'm also very familiar with the capabilities of the built-in email program, as I'm using it daily.

    The issue here is that I don't understand why there's no possibility to synchronize the BUILT-IN email inbox with Outlook. Why do I need to purchase another email program to do that. Why Chapura doesn't offer such a conduit.


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