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    I've been waiting (no so patiently) for the TMO T600 and now it's finally here. Well, for pre-order at least. Anyway, I've never owned a Treo before. If I buy a 180 or 270 cheap on eBay, will I be able to use that phone to get the $399 upgrade price? I already have TMO and really don't want to pay 700 bucks for the t600.

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    You can, provided the serial hasn't been used already for an upgrade.
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    I don't suppose there is any way to know if it has been used already? If it's a refurb, the seller may genuinely not know if the original owner upgraded or not.
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    I emailed Sprint last week, and they said there is no such offer still going on. Is this through another service provider? Or did I get one customer service fish in the sea of many idiots.
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    The offer is good for a few weeks after each carrier begins support. So now it is T-Mobile.
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    Fair enough, thanks!
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    If you PM me, I'll tell you how to get around the serial number requirement.

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