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    I'm looking for a flip case, much like the TreoCentral or Krusell Handit one available here, but I want the phone to still be functional with the lid CLOSED. This would mean:

    - Instead of a solid leather flip cover, it would either have to be made of plexiglass or have a plexiglass window over the screen.
    - A hole or a few slits need to be cut over the speaker.
    - Either the flip lid would have to stop just below the screen (leaving the buttons unprotected) or holes cut in the leather/plexiglass to access the nav and shortcut buttons.
    - The buttons should remain fairly protected set behind the leather/plexi hole, but if a layer of soft, clear plastic were sandwiched between the leather, all the better.
    - Most of the keyboard can remain behind leather/plexi, but the dialing buttons should be exposed, preferably protected by the same clear plastic mentioned in the previous point.

    This'd be great. The phone would be completely protected, and the phone and PDA functions would be mostly useful without opening the lid. Now I'm fairly handy with a sewing machine, jigsaw, glue, etc that I could easily make one myself-- or atleast modify the Krusell Handit model to suit my needs... But I thought I could atleast ask here, perhaps getting the idea out into the open just in case someone wants to picks up the idea.

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    The E&B case is going to be as close to what you are looking for.
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    but it's of truly awful leather, poorly made, expensive - check out the forums for reviews by extremely disappointed purchasers. Most, including myself, sent them back.
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    Mmm... Well looks like I'm gonna have to get handy.

    I'm thinking about what should be exposed and what should be secured, and now that I've got a better idea of what I need I think I can better discuss this...

    This thing is aweful thick. It feels thick in my pocket, even though I'm used to carrying thick PDAs such as iPaqs and Zauruses. So anything I can do to reduce the bulk of the case the better. Unforutnately, a plexi shield over the face of the entire Treo adds quite a bit.

    I definately want to prevent accidental presses of keys while in my pocket. Specifically the space, enter, and backspace keys to prevent the same problem addressed by DAAK. But I'd still like to be able to intentionally press these keys, which is completely counterproductive to accidental prevention. The only thing I can think of is carefully placed rubber nubs that sit on the face of the Treo between the keys... That could be difficult to space right.

    So I think the best solution for me is to purchase the Krusell Classic case and slip in a piece of plexi, and maybe try the above rubber nub theory. It'd be nice to convert it to a flip case too for the seldom times that I use it w/ stylus, but that may be getting too ambitious...


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