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    Bought from Maplin today
    Perfect fit (allows for Treo 600's small socket opening) stereo headphone adapter. Shop code MPA-Micro Twin jack to stereo 2.5mm adapter, barcode 5055060020012. Has 2.5mm and 3.5 sockets at output end. Quality product IMHO
    Regards to all
    PS There are some real rip-offs on ebay. Sytlii 13+, cases exhorbitent. People selling 'The French Connection' unlock code for 50+, what a world !!!!!
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    I agree about the ripping off! Some places are charging $19.99 + delivery for headphone adapters.

    I got mine for 0.79, also in Maplin.

    Their 2.5mm stereo to 3.5mm stereo Jack plug adaptor only costs that :-

    FA94C : 2.5-3.5 STE ADPT

    from their web site

    look under connectors, jack plug adaptors (right at the bottom of the page).

    OK, it doesn't quite fit. The bit of plastic round the prong needs to be pared down with a penknife but it took me 2 minutes to do and now I'm up and running listening to ogg vorbis encoded files on pocket tunes through my powered speakers!

    The quality is pretty good, even at 48 kbps!

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