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    Hi Folks,

    It's been suggested that I start a new thread to announce the 1.0 release of TreoButler.

    TreoButler gives you a suite of tools that improve your Treo including MP3 Polyphonic alarm, the ability to Launch Favourites from anywhere, Attention grabber and the ability to use Volume Buttons to scroll or as switch hack.

    Thanks to all the TreoCentral folks who have made suggestions and helped me track down bugs.

    You can try TreoButler for free, (or buy it) at
    Palmgear where you can also see more complete descriptions of the functionality.

    Do keep the suggestions and ideas coming in - I'm not planning to stop improving TreoButler - though I will be taking a short break from development!

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    It's a terrific program, and CV didn't point out another great feature--"phone keyguard" which disables the keypad when a call comes in....

    Great value for all the things it does. I'm bummed that I already spent $$ to upgrade TreoAlertManager, which I don't need anymore.

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    Treo Butler has so many useful things in it, even if you don't use 1/2 of them it's still worth the money IMHO.

    Here is a list of things that work great on my Sprint/CDMA version that make it worth it even in small chunks (IMHO)..

    1. "Misc"- Phone Keyguard (if you don't have one), 'S' re-enables screen if disabled during calls, and the Command line prompt feature.

    2. "K-Launcher" and "VolBtns"

    3. Custom LED functions

    4. Voicemail LED function and alert

    5. Alarm with MP3 or tone alerts

    Just for the record, I am using Treo Butler with Phone Guard by Geekware and they both seem to play together just fine.

    Note: There originaly seemed to be some minor conflicts with TreoAlrtMgr and TreoBulter in the early,early stages...they seem to be gone now. I have had good success using TB and TAM together when testing.

    "The Butler" takes care of you and does stuff that the Treo600 should have done in the OE form in a lot of peoples eyes.

    Just my 2-cents worth and opinion, Matt Burkhard
    Sprint/CDMA Treo600
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    Congratulations! The Treo Butler application (version 1a) has been working very well. You have managed to add much needed functionalities to Treo that ideally should have been included with the OEM version.

    Since you have asked for continued feedback regarding functionalities' requests, just occured to me that if KLaunch functionailty also worked with the four hard buttons (or atleast 3), launching the second application assigned to hard button would become even easier. (keep it pressed and it would automatically immitate option+application action.) Hopefully, you will consider to include it in future version of TB.

    Anyways, you deserve a well earned break from intense programming of last several days. Once again, great job ... looking forward to seeing more of innovative spirit in future.
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    Any chances of the TreoBulter, TreoAllegro, and TAM manager peeps getting together to make the SuperTreoUltilities app?
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    Does it play nice with Profile Manager? You can have different settings for keyguard with different profiles. Another utility (KeyGuardTime) has a problem with switching profiles. Does TB have the same issues? Has anybody done extensive testing with TB working with PM, especially TB's keyguard function? TIA.
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    I don't use TB's keyguard. But in all other respects, TB and PM seem to get along swimmingly.
    Bob Meyer
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    Hello all. I have been lurking and playing with TB. I have version 1.0 installed (and registered) on an unlocked cingular 600 that I use with AT&T wireless service. I bought it primarily for the flashing voice mail indicator feature. It has worked well up to version .996. After that it does not always give me the flashing LED when I have voice mail. Sometimes it does and sometimes not. Does anyone else have a cingular treo on attws? One thing is that from day one I get an sms notification along with the envelope icon. It is sort of a double notification that I presume is a result of the differences between attws and cingular? Could this be confusing TB? It is a great program and well worth the money, I just wondered if it is just me or something with the newer versions?

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    When I have the LED go on after a SnapperMail alert, it does not go away when I use the 5 way to click "Go To".
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    I seem to get an error while using call filter. if call filter is enabled, with an mp3 ringer, and treobutler is using a wav alert, i'll get an endless instant repeat of my wav. I think it's TB.....

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    Kurt - there is supposed to be a delay between acknowledging the alert and the LED turning off. This could be your issue. It's described in the info text. You wouldn't be the first to ask for this to be 'fixed' and it probably will in a later release.

    Christo - no idea what call forward does, but there's probably a conflict with the call notifications. If you disable vm led status and alerts for voicemail, sms and call you'll probably fix this. You can then try selectively turning some of them back on.

    There shouldn't be any conflicts as TB does not acknowledge any of the alerts - but it isn't always that simple...
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    Originally posted by confusedvorlon
    Kurt - there is supposed to be a delay between acknowledging the alert and the LED turning off. This could be your issue. It's described in the info text. You wouldn't be the first to ask for this to be 'fixed' and it probably will in a later release.
    Yep, I jumped the gun. It went away. I will never doubt you again, confusedvorlon. Well, okay, maybe.
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    I've been tryout out the Attention Grabber as an alternative to TAM (I licensed both, so it's question of which works better for me.)

    Your's seems to have a bit more flexibility, but in playing around I realize there's a feature neither product has, that now seems kind of obvious.

    Instead of making me specify what sound I want for an alert in your app, why not let me use the sound that's specified in the Treo preferences app. This value must be available programmatically.

    The reason I want this option is because I use profile manager, and have different sounds selected for different profiles. I'd like my SMS alert to change with my profile: Loud for noisy environments, pleasant for the office, silent when my silent profile is selected.

    I think I've also found a glitch or two. I don't have TB's alternate keyguard (AK) enabled. But when TB alerts me to a waiting voicemail AK appears to take over anyway. I don't get the banner at the bottom of the screen that keyguard normally displays, and when I try to press a button your key icon shows up in the bottom right corner of the screen.

    Second, if Alert Grabber is enabled for voice mail, the checkbox labeled "LED State if Voicemail Waiting" doesn't do anything. The LED status chosen in the SetAlert dialog overrides it. It would be nice to have, as an example, a solid orange alert for voice mail and a fast green for SMS, but I can't seem to be able to do that.

    Still a great app, all in all. Thanks,
    Bob Meyer
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    I agree with Meyerbob....different states for of the Led for Voicemail and Calls. Sounds like TB should do this in its current state...but I cannot get it to happen.

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    Attention grabber doesn't seem to catch my datebk5 alarms. Could this be fixed???
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    Originally posted by ProDucer
    Attention grabber doesn't seem to catch my datebk5 alarms. Could this be fixed???
    Actually, I prefer it this way. DB5 has far more sophisticated alarm handling than TB. I'd be just as happy with an option that lets DB5 take over all alarms.

    But, I think if you uncheck the box that says "datebk5 handles alarms" then the standard alert manager, and TB, should take over.
    Bob Meyer
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    Could you make the attention grabber have a schedule that you could implemet? Like only go off from 9am to 5pm on monday thru friday (kind of like treo alert manager). Kind of like how you have the alarm set up. I don't want the attention grabber to wake me up at night.

    also the attention grabber works great! how about if the attention grabber could auto snooze the alert? when i get an alert, if i manually hit snooze, it will create that little blue flashing thingey in the top left corner, effectively clearing up the screen. it will blink until i check it. well how about if attention grabber not only notified you of unchecked alerts, but it also could press that snooze button for you after a certain amount of time as to clear up the screen. Would this be pheasable? Or maybe it already does it? Thanx.
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    Just started using TB and ran into a problem. I'm using the volume keys in switcher mode. I have a few apps on my sd card . When I use switcher to return to one of the apps on the sd card, I get a soft reset. Happens everytime regardless of what app I'm leaving or returning to.

    Anyone else run into this?
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    Hi Folks,

    thanks for the continuing comments. I'kll try to answer most of them.

    Meyerweb -
    re seperate settings for LED, SMS, etc. definitely a nice idea - troublesome to do though as the alert triggers are not completley mutually exclusive. One to bear in mind for a later version

    re matchin profile sound settings - I like that idea

    re LED voicemail option and attention grabber - the VM LED should persist after the attention grabber LED state has been cleared (remember this is a little while after you press centre). It should stay until you have listened to the VM. Let me know if this ins't happening

    Re the keyguard glitches - yup definitaly a glitch that you'll get if you don't use the alternative keyguard as standard. To be honest I have no idea how to fix it and don't think it is much of an inconvenience - so don't expect a rapid fix! I think it's marginally better to let the key show up (as you clear it) than to have the keyguard totally invisible when alarms go off.

    re DtBk5 - how does it alert of alarms? I'm assuming it doesn't use the attention manager in which case it is probably hard for me to catch.

    Re time window for alerts - this is definitely one I plan to add

    re auto snooze - again nice idea I'll bear in mind

    Finally apps from SD card. I hadn't thought of this before but I think I know why it happens. To make an app run from SD card, your launcher copies it to memory, runs it then deletes it afterwards. I suspect it's not possible to tell if an app has been copied over to run temporarily - or if it's permanently there. However I should be able to add some code to check that the app still exists before launching it. I'll add that to the bugfix list.

    Thanks for all your comments.

    One final note following a number of questions through palmgear- just to let people know that you do get free upgrades if you buy at any stage. The people who bought when TB only did volume buttons got a particularly good deal!

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    thanx for your attentiveness. you have a great app and are very user firndly yourself. i hope you feel appreciated. thank you.

    p.s. is this what you do for a living?
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