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    As of today I'm on Treo 180 number 2 (had the first one for 48hrs). The first one was exhibiting insanely slow sync (approx. 45 min for a full sync over USB to my Mac) and was freezing all the time in Blazer and assorted other apps. The new one isn't any better, in fact it seems to freeze more often (requiring a soft reset), almost anytime I try to use Blazer, and the sync not only still takes 45 minutes, but often doesn't even complete (looses connection with the desktop).

    I've owned Palm OS products since the original Pilot, I've never had anything take more than 5 minutes to sync (including my old Treo 90 that was full up). Is this normal for the Treo 180 or do I have yet another bunk unit?
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    almost all sorts of faults are more or less normal for the treo 180. i have lost count on how many times i had to change my treo in 1 and a half years - 5 or 6 times or so. and then when you read the forums, you notice that it is nothing to worry about, in fact it is a lesson to learn and not use a treo180 unless someone gives it to you for free so that you can play around with it a bit. dont try to rely on any treo180. the then handspring also admitted that the device was faulty.

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