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    Originally posted by superman
    Hey PJames, Why did'nt you get a GSM TREO600 so that you don't have to worry about SMS? Instead of that crappy sprint pcs..... sell it and get yourself GSM TREO600... You should be supporting GSM if you are a real Filipino... Everybody use GSM in the Philippines.


    Buy a simcard for $20 there in states and insert it on your Nokia 3100(if it's unlock)... You don't need to get it reload from the Philippines...
    Hi Superman,

    I just received my Cingular GSM Treo 600. I too am planning to SMS the Philippines. Do you know if the cost (I have a pay per use plan) will be the same to an SMS sent to a US #?

    Convergence is so Cool!
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    Check w/your providers Customer Service as to the exact cost to send SMS, on the plan you have.

    SMS to the USA from the Philippines on the Smart & Globe Networks cost 1PHP (Philippne Peso) per txt, or .2USD for your Philippine friends.

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    Don't know if you've tried replying via email to your Chikka buddies Chikka will send the email as a text msg to the cell phone in RP.

    Conversely, you can receive txt messages on your sprint pcs phone via chikka by updating your profile on the chikka PC client and enter your email as with your number here. WHen you're chikka pc client is offline, your incoming msgs are fwd to the email in ur profile. Not sure if there's a delay but it has worked for me.

    I used to be on Sprintpcs but switched to Cingular Couldn't wait for t-mo.


    Your international text msgs via Cingular is counted like any other txt messages you send. I'm paying $2.99 for 100 txt mesgs/mo. whether it's to/from a number in the US or outside is the same.

    Hope that helps.
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    PJ and Leon,

    Thanks for the info. If that's the case (same cost US and International), then I'll let my fingers do the talking... certainly much easier with the Treo's keyboard, than a regular phone's input. Thanks again guys!

    Convergence is so Cool!
    Old: Palm IIIc - VIIx, Sony Clie NX60, Motorola Startac,Clie TH55, Treo 600
    New: Treo 650, wow!
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    Hi Leon,

    Yes, thats exactly what I ue - Chikka txt messenger, from my PC to reply to txts comming directly to my Sprint PCS mobile here in the USA.

    However, I didn't realize I can't send unlimited txts with Chikka - they limit you to a certain amount of txt's you can send - and every REPLY gets you more free txt credits with them, for a cost of P2.50 for each txt my Philippine friends send me.

    The dilema is that some friends reply DIRECTLY to my Nokia 3100 (Smart/Phil) that I have on Int'l roaming here in the USA, because it's cheaper to use their free txt credits (w/Smart & Globe Phil), then to pay P2.50 to reply through Chikka.

    So, my own free txt credits with Chikka are running low......and I'm still looking for an alternative txt method (thru my USA mobile or thru my PC [my Nokia's out of a txt load] txt my friends there.

    Still looking....!

    ps: I'm doing the "Tandem phone thing" in replying to my Philippine friends, mostly recieving them on my Smart/Phil Nokia 3100, then replying to them on my PC via Chikka txt messenger...
    ...I REALLY want to be able to reply to them on my Treo 600 on SPCS!!!
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