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    Ok so after the nightmare I had with my first treo (network searches, touchscreen stopped working, etc.) I have had a new one for about 2 weeks and everything has been fine till yesterday I noticed that despite being plugged into the charger, the battery still said it had only 47% power.
    Then i had it attached to the car charger for 45 minutes on the way to work... still 47%
    So i hooked it up to the plug here in the office, after a few hours...47%.

    So i started playing mp3's and Kinoma videos to at least try and lower the battery, but after 7 songs and a video, it's still 47%

    What i'm afraid of is turning it on when I need it and having it tell me it's out, but I didn't know it because it's stuck at 47%

    Anyone else having this issue? I did the update to 1.01 and the hardware is version C
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    my boss had this same problem earlier today. he did a soft reset and now the battery indicator is working right.
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    thanks on the soft reset... I tried letting the battery drain by playing more movies and when I looked at it a half hour later... it said 82% so I think it's back to normal.

    weird though.
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    it's wierd, but it's just a software glitch. mine does it occassionally (sp?) too. just do soft reset
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    I had the exact same problem -- battery indicator was stuck on 50% no matter what. But (silly me) I called Sprint technical support. They couldn't do anything over the phone, so they sent me to a Sprint store. The Sprint store didn't even bother to look at it. They just started the process of replacing it with a reconditioned phone. After I expressed bloody outrage at having to replace my <2 month old phone with a recon (this would actually be my second replacement) they agreed to give me a new one, which I would have picked up tomorrow. Then I came home and searched out this thread on TreoCentral. I did a soft reset and the indicator appears to be giving the honest truth again. Thank you!

    The sad thing is, Sprint didn't know anything about this, nor were they willing to do even rudimentary troubleshooting to solve the problem. The automatic response was to replace the phone rather than see if a no-cost option would address the problem. We, of course, pay the cost of all those needlessly replaced phones (plus the many that really do need replacement) every month. Sad, sad.

    Another interesting thing is the sudden increase in complaints about battery problems since the 1.1 update. (See other threads, some making the connection between the upgrade and sudden onset of battery problems.) I noticed the non-moving battery indicator just two days after upgrading. I know the indicator was working right up to the time I upgraded because I dutifully charged it fully according to the update instructions. something going on?

    Now, why didn't I just try a soft reset first? Good question. I figured I shouldn't do anything before checking with the technical experts at Sprint. Oh well. Thanks again for the solution, folks.
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    I've had the same problem for the last few weeks. It seems to happen to me every few days. A soft reset always fixes the problem, but I find it really annoying. Does anyone have any ideas what is causing it?

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