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    Has anyone experienced any problems with incoming calls causing the phone to reset. I am pretty sure that this is related to some software that I may have installed on my phone. It will work fine for a while but then every call that comes in will cause the phone to soft reset.

    I am using the following software:
    Treo Butler
    Phone Guard
    TakePhone Hack
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    I have also experienced this problem, to a lesser extent. The only common program we have is Phoneguard.
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    I also have experienced the same and it only started happening since I added Phone Guard and Msafe, and since the above mentioned Phoneguard I would say we need to move this to the utilities forum and see if anyone else posts the same.
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    I am experiencing the same thing, but have TakePhone installed.

    Incoming calls cause soft reset only when a number is stored in favorites, and phone is not in silent mode.

    I beleive it has something to do with the custom ringer settings in the favorites.

    Have you found a solution?
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    I have the exact same issue. Much more severe though. I don't have any of those apps, but I have noticed that it crashes if someone who is already in my contact list calls me.

    Everytime I get an incoming call, it resets. Infact, I just had cingular send me new phone, I synched with outlook, and same problem. Before I synched, I was not having that issue.

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    Alam - are you sure it is someone in your contact list and not your favorites? Mine only occurs when it is someone in my favorites. Also, it only occurs when TAKEphONE was the last program to edit the favorite. If I edit it in the regular Phone app, then everything is ok.

    It also only occurs when the ringer is turned on. It doesn't happen when on silent/vibrate.
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    Seems that the third party software is causing the Treo to reset. One of my friends removed all the other programs and is just using the Treo 650 with the default programs after the hardware reset. No reset/hang after that...
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    I have the same problem. I have none of those programs in common. I think it may be SSL-related via ChatterEmail
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    i just bought a new cingular t650 2 weeks ago. i have no sw in common with what is detailed in this post. i do however use goodlink, which was my primary reason for switching from verizon and paying $400 for this "tool".

    there is clearly some incompatibility problem at play here. my problems seem to have materialized only over the last 3 days. specifically i get resets on certain incoming calls; not sure if it's just from those folks in my contact list but it's definitely more than those that are programmed favs. the other great "feature" is that the device will spontaneously reset itself when i'm not even using it.

    it's really amazing that palm has been in business this long and hasn't figured out how to write a secure/protected OS. has anyone figured out the definitive source for resolving these issues? don't get me wrong, spending countless hours on this board is great but i'd rather just throttle the source :-)

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