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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Even though this thread is no longer being updated until the forums is restored (if ever! ), I still thought I'ld meniton Soundoff if anyone reads this later...

    In addition, another cool app is Card Keeper which is a niftly alternative to PalmPuke alerting Treo users when the SD card has ejected with an alarm:
    SoundOff doesn't seem practical in its current form (maybe next release), but CardKeeper is good stuff. Since I've moved this list over to MyTreo there really is no reason for me to update this list here. I will, however, feed Chris with anything that's posted here and duplicate the post at MyTreo. Thanks for the tips, gfunk.
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    BTW, any news on the attempts to restore the lost threads from March/April?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mol
    BTW, any news on the attempts to restore the lost threads from March/April?
    Yes, Marcus responded on that subject this thread.
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    A new version of Cradle Robber (number 1.7) was posted here.

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    I registered to and still waiting for the return email to finish the registration so I can download...oh the pain, the pain...

    No contact email - nothing
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    hmm, I will ask the admis about that.
    Did you use Profeo today ?
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    Thks nachon!
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    I just tested the sign up form and it worked flawlessly for me.

    You do need to have cookie's enabled in your web browser options and you must enter your actual e-mail address for verification.

    Email me at if you continue to have difficulties.


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    email back. You should get 2 email from "" for the account "toluan".
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    There's a new version of Phone Technician (1.7) posted here.
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    There's a new version 0.6 of Profeo SA posted.... click here.

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