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    I gotta ask after reading posts I have not found where anyone has swithched over to a 270 from a Nokia phone. Has this not been done or am I going to be the first to attempt it? I have a 6340i and with Cingular. If someone has been through the steps to switch to a 270 it would be interesting to findout. I have heard that it is simple as plugg and play with the SIM card as long as the 270 is unlocked and or setup for Cingular service is this true?
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    Please be careful about N. GA GSM coverage. Don't just look at old cingular TDMA maps, they're a completely different technology. The treo is GSM only and will not pickup the old TDMA or analog signals in much of rural N. Ga and no where 20 miles past Gainesville on 441. The treo is a great device. Your only limitation is coverage. You'll need an old TDMA phone to get the great coverage cingualr is known for in N Ga or their dual band phones which do both networks. T-mobile has the same coverage as cingular GSM (same technology), and better south ga coverage, with cheaper rates. They're much better at supporting GSM and data than cingular at this time.
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    I apologize about not directly responding to your question. If you have your phone contacts saved to the SIM card, you can swap with any other GSM 1900 cingular or unlocked GSM phone. If the numbers are saved in the phone book, then save them to the SIM card before you remove the SIM from the phone. Since you have a 6340, you may not be aware that it is a dual band GSM/TDMA phone. My above post is correct in regards to GSM only coverage. The Treo has no TDMA functionality, so you will lose all TDMA coverage areas. Thanks, revel8tor.

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