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    First, you need three programs:

    1. Download Palm Font Extractor from (You need the fextract.exe file from this archive)

    2. Download PilRC from (You need the pilrc.exe file from this archive)

    3. Download doublefont.exe (attached to this post as; this program comes from FontHackV's author and is used to "double" the low-density font into a high-density file

    Okay ... now to convert fonts. For this sample, the fonthack123 file we are going to convert is named ants.pdb:

    1. Use fextract.exe (DOS) to extract the fonts from the PDB font file

    fextract ants.pdb

    You'll see:

    Palm Font Extractor, Version 1.3
    Copyright (C) 2002-2003 Serge Vakulenko

    Font 8x7, 247 glyphs exported.

    This means the font is 8x7. Therefore the high-res font size will be 16x14. There will be two files created: a-8x7.pfn and a-8x7.pft. You can ignore the PFT file; you only want the PFN file.

    2. Run doublefont.exe to create the high-res version.


    Click on Browse. Select the a-8x7.pfn file, then click on Convert. When it's finished, click on Exit. Note: there seems to be a bug in this program; don't convert multiple fonts before clicking exit. You must exit and reload DoubleFont after each font conversion.

    The doublefont.exe program will have created another file called a-8x7_HighDensity.pfn.

    3. Edit this file and double the font size in three places:

    edit a-8x7_HighDensity.pfn

    Double the value you see for maxwidth, frectwidth, and frectheight. So maxwidth and frectwidth become 16, and frectheight becomes 14. Save the file and exit.

    4. Create a resource file called font.rcp.

    edit font.rcp

    Inside this file, put in the following lines:

    FONT "a-8x7.pfn" DENSITY 72
    FONT "a-8x7_HighDensity.pfn" DENSITY 144

    Save the file and exit.

    5. Make the Ant.pdb font! Type in:

    pilrc -ro -creator fHKv -type Font -LE32 font.rcp Ant.pdb

    If all goes well, you will see:

    PilRC v3.1
    Copyright 1997-1999 Wes Cherry (
    Copyright 2000-2003 Aaron Ardiri (

    Generating LE32 resources (ARM/NT) from 'a.rcp'.
    Writing temporary afnx22b8.bin (5042 bytes)
    Collecting *.bin files into Ant.pdb

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Any source code avaible for the programs you mentioned? I'd love to be able to run this on Mac OS X without having to use VirtualPC ...

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    Have you tried this?

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    (28) handel 3:34pm ~/Desktop/palmfontconv090full> ./fontconv
    fontconv [-l] inputname [-i lowresfont] H|Ha|2|2a|l|t|i outputname
    This converts a Palm font into the specified output format.
    -l: Take the low-res (default: hi-res) part of the FontTypeV2 font
    -i lowresfont: Use this low-res font to fill out the low-res portion of
    output. Must be used in conjunction with output options 2 or 2a.
    H: hi-res portion of FontTypeV2 font
    L: lo-res portion of FontTypeV2 font
    Ha: hi-res portion of FontTypeV2 font in afnx format
    La: lo-res portion of FontTypeV2 font in afnx format
    l: version 1 type font
    2: put the font into the hi-res portion of FontTypeV2 font and
    fill out the low-res portion with scaled or -i specified font
    2a: same as 2, except for afnx format
    t: text-editable/readable format
    i: output font header and other font information
    The inputname/outputname can be - for stdin/stdout for text format only.
    To take a lo-res font and convert it into an OS5 hi-res font, you can run:
    fontconv input.bin H output.bin
    If you want the OS5 font to have a lo-res bitmap (a very ugly and
    unreadable one) you can do:
    fontconv input.bin 2 output.bin.
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    In this case, do you want this file to be uploaded to MegaUpload?
    Windows bitmap fonts starting with .fon has no Unicode support.

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