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    How do I get it to work natively on my old Treo 300?

    I don't want to re-license Treo300SMS since shortmail is going away, and probably won't work soon.

    I have the T600, and gave my old 300 to a family member. I can use SMS, but they can't.

    What's up for SMS on the 300?

    It would be cool to be able to SMS between the 2 devices. The 300 shouldn't be completely written off.
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    I'm going to hold my breath until somone answers me!
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    For some strange reason, SPrint MO-SMS has not been turned on in Chicago. I'm keeping and renewing Treo600SMS as a back up...just in case. I have no prob with 20 bucks!!

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    I think I read in another post that Sprint's MO-SMS will NOT work on the Treo300 for whatever reason. Someone with more knowledge please confirm and explain this. I have a buddy with a 300 and is wondering about this very thing because he has no intention of upgrading to a 600 anytime soon but really wants to use Sprint's SMS service since it SHOULD be a part of his unlimited Vision plan.
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    I don't know if the PDApps SMS products are going to work for much longer.

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but Treo300SMS and Treo600SMS rely on Sprint's shortmail service.

    From what I understand, shortmail is going to be phased out one the "real" SMS service is completely rolled out.

    This will leave Treo300SMS in a completely useless state. Unless PDA apps can find a way to intercept the messages on their own system, and forward them back and forth to a SMS gateway ... i'm not sure they can be of any help here.

    I don't know that I would renew it for an entire year given this circumstances.

    I guess the Treo 300 is never going to get SMS.

    Kind of stinks because it the Treo 300 is the second best smartphone on the market.
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    Chicago SMS is now live.
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    Originally posted by varoomba
    Chicago SMS is now live.
    !!! Its about friggin time!!!

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