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    For those of you who have a 270 and have broken a hinge a little hope:

    This morning @ 11:43am I sent an e-mail to T-MO via their website with regards to a replacement I had to do since my 270 snapped at the hinge. Told them I thought I was not right them charging me anything to replace something that was being replaced for a KNOWN defect (I had received a letter stating they were going to charge me).

    @ 1:42pm I received a response from them saying they would NOT charge me "After reviewing the information about know problems with the hinges on Treo 270s".

    Maybe this can help some of you.
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    FYI if you go to the manager at the store you might be able to convince him to exchange for a T600 because if there is a known defect in the phone why are they going to give you another of the same phone. ask for a comparable phone with a keyboard and all of the other features and the only phone is going to be the T600.

    It worked at a sprint store at least. must be the manager tho only one who could probably authorize that kind of exchange.

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