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    I recently purchased the full version of lightwav and used it to convert a wav file to a prc file in order to store it in the Treo's RAM. Unfortunetly, now every time a call comes in, the wav file will play once and then the screen turns blank once any button is pressed. The treo locks up, even though the phone app is still running. The only way to hang up, or get out of the white screen of death is to do a hard reset. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any suggestions on how to get around this.

    Lightwav seems like a good program in concept, but if I can't use it without my phone crashing everytime I get a call, then it's useless.
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    Has this happened since you updated to the newest version that was released to registered users this morning?
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    I'm having a bizarre result when I assign a WAV to an SMS event.

    If I have "Always use PTunes" checked, the WAV plays when an SMS comes in but when the WAV ends, the Treo goes into "lock" mode and shuts off the screen.

    If I have "Always use PTunes" unchecked, the WAV plays and then halfway through the WAV it stops playing, but the Treo does not go into lock mode.

    Anyone else experiencing this? It occurs with WAVs of long or short length.

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