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    he was looking into getting an sd card to back up stuff. do u guys think a guy could truely utilze their treo w/o no pc?

    I don't think its possible to sync via the sd card tho, even if this person backs up his data.

    I don't know, some explain this to me
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    Yup, that will work just fine. He needs to make sure his backup software, such as 'Backupman' backs up EVERYTHING from RAM to the card.

    Then, when he restores, it is back to like it was prior to the reset, etc.

    Don't see any problems with a standalone Treo. Might be a touch harder to find programs and to install, but the Treo should function just fine without a PC.
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    The only problem is going to be enterring in contact info and other stuff for the first time. It's going to take FOREVER! Other than that, there really shouldn't be a problem. I email programs to myself all the time.
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    I'm in the same boat, I hardley think of stuff to put onto my palm when I'm at home; so it's a lot of emails and sd card syncs. . . . works pretty good for me; heck I hardley hotsync at all now-a-days. (remember to back up often!!! )
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    How do you put the backup program on the treo without actually synching it? The one's I've checked out don't appear to be e-mailable as a prc file.

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