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    I hope my question makes sense...I love the two-way "chat" screen the pops up on the Treo600 when sending and receiving SMS messages (now works in Los Angeles!). Here's my question, I would love for people to be able to run a program or go to a website on a regular computer and send/receive SMS messages from me just like we were both using phones... the current online system "" is send only (you can leave a callback number, but I would love for the sender to be able to wait for a reply.

    Anyone seen anything like this?
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    Any word on a Treo ap (or even a PC ap) that will support SMS from my USA Treo 600 on Sprint PCS, to mobile phones in the Philippines? (Smart & Globe Telecom GSM network)

    I have my Nokia 3100 Philippine mobile here with me, on Int'l roaming - and since the load has run out, I can not txt directly from it (although I can still recieve all the txt's from my Philippine mobile friends)


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