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    I'm new to this forum (in fact this is my very first post).
    I am some what new to the Palm universe as well. But I am a very knowlegable midi and Digital media musicial. I use Cubase SX for Windows. A pro-level recording software.

    I would love to make my own ringtones, and share them as well. Where can I get a hold of the midi spec sheet for the Treo 600, so I can see what the sound card (chip) can do. As well as see what sounds it can generate. This way I can always be sure I am using the best sounds available in the Treo 600, and even create new ones. Is there a specific recording software, with synth settings already available?

    Also, is the sound engine in the Treo 600 a General Midi compatible sound card (chip)?

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    You can try here, you need to register but its pretty easy.
    You should be able to get all the development facts there.
    If you want to share what you make, let me know, I would be glad to host them!
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