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    I've recently installed the Sprint 1.1 updater and Msafe demo, Allegro and Profile 0.17. Now it seems everytime I do a soft reset, my sound preferences for ringers (phone, calendar, SMS etc) and the color scheme under general preferences are lost and I have to manually change them.
    Anyone else notice this problem? What is the offending application?
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    I'm with Cingular but I am finding that the Vibrate when the Sound is off setting keeps shutting off when I hotsync...
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    I'm thinking its Profeo...
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    I am using GSM and I do not have Profeo but my sound preferences gets wacky everytime my Treo soft resets. I think it is PROFILES. I have ticked "Disable notifier for this profile" option and it seems to be working so far.
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    why not get backupman or some other back up software and save your prefs via it on to your sd card, then just load them back on to the treo after a soft reset

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