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    Anyone using Pumatech Intellisync with Treo 600 rather then bundled sync tool?
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    testing it out at the moment... I have Novell Groupwise installed on my work PC and in order for the address book to work, it needs to have Novell as the "default" mail profile.

    This has been a problem for Pocketmirror & since I want to keep my contacts sync'd with outlook - I have found that intellisync handles things much better so far
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    I use intellasync with YAHOO. I am extreamly pleased with it.
    I maintain my calendar, address book, memos, todo's. On Yahoo.
    Whenever I have an addition, deletion etc,. I can make changes
    on either YAHOO via my PC or on the 600.

    Hit hotsync... and wallaaaa! stuff is syncronized.

    You can configure it to warn you of conflicts and stuff like that.

    If you don't already YAOO.. just get an email w/them. They
    also provide a nice PC WEB home page too.
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    I'm using it to sync with Outlook.

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    Been using this since I need to sync to the Exchange server. I keep my mail on the Exchange box so I set it up this way way before the Treo 600.

    I like the fact that you see what the changes being synced are prior to the sync.
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    I've been using it with Lotus Notes v4 and v5 for the past four years, with different handhelds. Using it with my 270 for now. Never a problem.

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