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    Last pic
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    They all look very good. Nice work! Thanks for the pix.
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    Sorry for the off-topic. What is you today software? Is it just "Today" with some skin? Please let me know. Thanks.
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    I use Agendus for the "Today" view. Love it.
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    Originally posted by bhodgins

    Version Changes:

    0.3 - 9 Feb 2004 - Now up to fifteen fonts total! (Ten JFonts, Two TallFonts, and Three Alpha fonts (Ants, Midget, Pupil)

    0.2 - 9 Feb 2004 - Consolidated four font files into one PRC/ZIP file

    0.1 - 9 Feb 2004 - Initial upload
    This is great stuff, Bill!

    Any chance you could add another set of fonts, maybe ones not quite so tall? A few apps do not like the Jfonts nor the TallFonts. They get cut off at the tops of the letters or just look a bit too squeezed. I have the 'standard' JFont normal "turned off' in snappermail, for example, so that's a good 'workaround." Sure would be nice to have another whole set of replacement fonts to choose from.
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    Can I add my thanks as well. Just what I was looking for. More fonts please ala elysian9 request.
    Used with Agendus Pro, phone and Today.
    I am outrageously happy in my stupidity - Snoopy Poster (circa 1970)
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    I'd be happy to add other fonts if you tell me which ones you want to see. I can work with pretty much any FontHack123 font.

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    1) Does anyone know why this won't work with TealMaster? I am so happy with Tealmaster under OS5 on the T600 - no stability problems...

    2) Any noticable performance degradation?

    Lee Ladisky
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    Originally posted by bhodgins
    I'd be happy to add other fonts if you tell me which ones you want to see. I can work with pretty much any FontHack123 font.

    Not familiar at all with 123. Just one that is just a bit shorter. How about if you do just one or two font stles for the standard XYZnormal.pdb and I will test it with snappermail, etc, before you bother with the whole set.
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    I'm not sure what xyznormal.pdb is?!?
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    sorry about that. what I meant was just the 'standard' font as opposed to 'bold' or 'led'

    In other words, rather than making a whole set right away, just make one or two for the 'standard' font so I can test them with SnapperMail and a few other apps that don't work well with Jfonts. Assuming the 'tests' work I can tell you which one is best or I can post a screen shot(s). Just trying to save you unnecessary work.
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    I find the Tall fonts make things easier to read on the 600.

    I use the pupil, script, font in place of Large Bold which is quite fancy. It's interesting now many apps use Large Bold .

    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    Thanks for the J-Fonts, this is great...used them on previous Palm models, nice to know they've been converted.
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    Hi and thanks for your tests and advice !

    I'm pretty glad to find a solution to this font problem as i have a user wich has eyesight problems. However he will be using the internet browser a lot and It just seems that the fonts won't chage in the browser when visiting a page... All the application fonts are chaged (buttons, menus, etc... ) but not the ones inside the webpage that is being visited.
    Has anyone managed to solve this problem ?
    Has anyone got a solution for me ??

    Tahnks a lot
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    Have your sight-impaired guy use Palm's WebPro browser instead of the Blazer browser. It renders pages much better, especially when there are frames, and uses the built in fonts instead of proprietary fonts. So if you changed the Standard font, it use that font in the display of the pages.
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    AAAFontViewer crashes on my Treo 600, probably because it was not written for OS5.

    Do you have any other suggestions how I can view fonts "on board"?
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