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    Hi together

    what I miss: there is no LED (fast blinking green o.e) notification/alerts after a missed call.
    So you have always to power on the display to see if you have missed any calls.
    Wouldn't it be great to have the LED showing you missed calls?
    Like the application "Treo Allegro" does for sms and VM...

    Am I doing anything false?

    ..or ist there a programmer out there, who would "quickly" write such an application? ;-)


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    EDIT: I apparently can't read:

    Callfilter does the LED for missed voicemails, I am not sure about missed calls. I hope this helps
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    ...but it doesn't do that.
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    the butler, that is treobutler. It seems to be working great now, with lots of goodies included.

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