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    Is there a way to fix this bluish cast on the screen when using the camera? I notice that it isn't there when using it outdoors only indoor.
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    I have noticed this occurs w/ my camera as well, under lower light conditions.

    To test out this idea, point it toward a wall higher, where it's closer to a room's light source.
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    I noticed a vast improvement in camera functionality after I upgraded the firmware. I.e., no blue screen and better pictures overall.
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    Mine does this in low light also. Just happened lastnight, and i have the new firmware.
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    There was a thread - I can't remember which one - where someone - I can't remember who - was putting together a list of tips on taking photos with the Treo 600 camera. It might be worth trying a few searches to track this down.

    On mine, I seem to get a second or 2 of 'normal' colours in low light before the camera (hardware/software?) 'compensates', and then I get the blue dots. The only advise I have (apart from carrying around a large light source) is to take the picture pretty quickly before this adjustment occurs.
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    Try here:

    The noise builds up as you stay in "Capture" mode. It is more pronounced at lower light levels. I just click back to phone mode, then go back into camera mode and watch the image "build-up". Getting the timing down for exposure and auto-focus takes a little practice. Just keep shooting until you get your best version and save that one.

    There was no noticeable difference in my Treo 600 RevC camera's behavior after the V1.10 upgrade.

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    There are definitely bugs in the Treo 600 camera.. My camera was all grainy and bluish also.. (yes, I also installed the Sprint update, and it did nothing to change the camera quality).. It was almost impossible to use indoors..

    Last week my phone stopped working and I took it to the Sprint store, then they ordered me a replacement, as it is still under warranty.. I received the replacement Treo 600 today, and the camera looks great, takes pictures indoors, and I dont see the blue dithering..

    I know this is an issue that shows up on the discussion boards from time to time.. One person will ask "My treo takes bad pictures, is something wrong" and a bunch of people will reply "No it's just that the camera is very low quality".. But having tried 2 different Treos, I can say that there are very obvious differences between the cameras..

    I will check to see if the quality of this camera degrades, or I will try to pay more attention to what I am doing with it that might trigger the bug.. But if you are seeing the blue haze around the edges of the picture, excessive dithering, and your camera is almost useless unless you point it at a bright light to get it to white balance, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOUR CAMERA.. Take it to Sprint, maybe if you are lucky they will order you a replacement??

    Does anyone else have more info on this?..
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    Ok, the firmware definitely changed my camera, at the very least. All the pictures taken in normal lighting condition looks 25% brighter and sharper. All the pictures that are taken in low light at least shows up whereas before I would see nothing. Not sure if this is only me, but I definitely notice a difference.

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