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    The default security app is real weak, whats the best app i can get to replace it?
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    MSafe for the Treo 600 is the best app IMHO
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    OnlyMe is the best solution available for the Treo 600. The program has some nice features and is bug free. The developer is responsive to emails. It's relatively secure.

    On non-Treo devices PDA Defense or TealLock may be the way to go, depending on the feature set you want. But Treo 600 owners should avoid these applications because current releases have major bugs and issues.

    If you are looking for very simple security applications and not "real" security, mSafe and GridLock are cute concepts. mSafe locks your smartphone when you send a special code via SMS. GridLock has a beautfiul password interface but conflicts with many other applications.
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    I use Onlyme very effective and secure. A slight problem with Treo600 is that the screen on button can also be used as a password button. Its a minor problem and developer is looking into it.
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    How well does OnlyMe work with the phone portion of the Treo 600 while it is locked?
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    Works well for me . All incoming calls show standard screen with answer/ignore. Calls can be answered as normal without the passcode. All incoming SMS messages can be read. However to reply to SMS you need to unlock the phone

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