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    regarding pics....I THINK the question might have been how to do the html to do this and the writer may have been looking for an example. I did create a linked page that uses my kids' pictures as launch points (though in the example below you'll see I'm simply messing around and testing things). The images are just saved in the path shown below on my SD card.

    As to WHY is this interesting: not sure what these wiki programs do, I'll have to download one to see. But for me, I love this stuff because it provides me with a way to do PRECISELY what I want from a layout, launch page, etc. Yea, I can do this with favorites and I'll probably continue to use LauncherX for all of the utilities. But this allows me to use my own pictures and graphics to launch things and, as was mentioned earlier, do things like install midi files.

    <p><font size="2" face="Verdana"><strong>Kid's Page</strong></font></p>

    <font size="2" face="Verdana">
    <a href="palm:Blch.appl?ADBL"><img src="PALM/Programs/SplashPhoto/jcxmas.jpg" border="0"></a><br><br>

    <a href="palm:Blch.appl?ADBL"><img src="PALM/Programs/SplashPhoto/mollyxmas.jpg" border="0"></a><br><br>

    <a accesskey="0" href="default.htm">0-Home</a>
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    Originally posted by Luna
    I can dial phone numbers, web pages, programs.......all without having to go and program it with html. Plus I can assign any button to launch any of the favorites. Why make it hard to do something that the Treo already does?
    I do agree.... that's why I said it was mainly a novelty. There are just as easy ways to organize your Treo using built-in solutions.

    - I have most of my programs mapped to a button, which means they're also in Favorites if I have a 'senior moment' and forget which button they're assigned.
    - I have my less common apps on a 'favorites' page in App Launcher, which is set to "remember last category", so they're easy to find.
    - I have Blazer set to open to Bookmarks, with the first bookmark being the Homepage. In this way, it's 2 button pushes to get to my homepage, or only one to get to bookmarks.

    With those 3 strategies, almost anything I want to get to is only a couple of presses away. That being said, I could see how someone would want everything on one single page, without scrolling through the pages of their Favorites and/or Bookmarks (particularly if they've filled up all 50 slots, or they want more than their 50-slot limit in one location).
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    By the way, for those interested, here's a much improved site, with 2 columns, with a format for button support as well as slots in which you can add more apps/sites:

    <title>My Palm HomePage</title>
    <meta name="PalmComputingPlatform" content="true" />
    <meta name="HandheldFriendly" content="True" />
    <body bgcolor="wheat">

    <table border="0" width="98%">
    <td width="52%">NUMBER BUTTONS</td>
    <td width="52%">
    <a accesskey="1" href="">1 - FreewarePalm</a></td>
    <td width="48%">
    <a accesskey="2" href="">2 - Yahoo</a></td>
    <td width="52%">
    <a accesskey="3" href="">3 - Treo Central</a></td>
    <td width="48%">
    <a accesskey="4" href="">4 -</a></td>
    <td width="52%">
    <a accesskey="5" href="">5 - MapQuest</a></td>
    <td width="48%">
    <a accesskey="6" href="palm:Blch.appl?DTGP">6 - Docs To Go</a></td>
    <td width="52%">
    <a accesskey="7" href="palm:Blch.appl?MMPL">7 - MMPlayer</a></td>
    <td width="48%">
    <a accesskey="8" href="palm:Blch.appl?TNpt">8 - PocketTunes</a></td>
    <td width="52%">
    <a accesskey="9" href="palm:Blch.appl?ZRKa">9 - Chatter</a></td>
    <td width="48%">
    <a accesskey="0" href="palm:Blch.appl?IMGV">0 - RescoViewer</a></td>
    <td width="52%">&nbsp;</td>
    <td width="48%">&nbsp;</td>

    <td width="50%">OTHER STUFF
    <td width="52%">
    <a href="">Google</a></td>
    <td width="48%">
    <a href="">Shoutcast</a></td>


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    How are you copying .html files to the SD cards ? I cannot copy using Hotsync !

    I have copied several .mid (Midi) files to my SD but using the browser and file: etc. I get the error msg that the ringtone is larger than 64k (it's not). Any ideas.

    UK based, Orange Treo600 user.
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    You can copy the htm(l) files the same way as any other file that palm does not recognize.
    method1: Use a card reader/writer to do the move.
    method2: Rename your file to file.mp3 (mp3 is good since it doesnt "install"and it always defaults to the SD card.
    Open Filez or other file browser, rename the file in the card/audio folder to the corect extension (file.htm or file.html) copy to your web folder (mine is ///web/)

    Hope this helps
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    Rename your file to file.mp3
    Thanks Aaron - that worked a treat.
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    This is a great idea. I made my homepage with sites that I check daily, and my bank account sites.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dgoodisi
    I hope that this is not possible as it's a huge security risk.

    Desktop browsers do not allow access to the local filesystem or locally installed applications for this very reason.

    So no thanks to launching apps from a web page.
    FUD ALERT! FUD ALERT! This is BS. Desktop browsers (at least IE) have allowed access to the local filesystem for as long as I can remember.


    Create the requisite text file and paste that URL into your IE and then shove it, Potsy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrickerZ
    It's great if u know a little html and want to create a homepage that does some cool stuff and loads really fast since it doesn't have to download. If the app launcher works, consider it like customizing your own today screen like in outlook and such.
    may be it is a bit complicated but it should be much easier than editing a HTML page.

    if you have bookmarked ur bookmark using IE or Netscape, you can import them to under your login, and then export them in a single html page.

    i was lazy to reprogram or write a html doc for my links, i just did an import and export and i can get the bookmark.htm in my SD card within 5 mins (providing using cable modem and yahoo is not down. hehe)
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    Actually, you can write a HTML page in Word pretty quickly with a list of your favorite bookmarks.
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    do i have to open the bookmarks and cut and paste favorite individually?
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    "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."
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    Just copied a site to my SD card (thanks, CardExport) that was heavy in graphics (500+ KB JPGs per page) - Blazer handled it MUCH more quickly than WebPro. How about that???
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    I grabbed the latest version of sied and I can't figure out how to get the < symbol...

    Any suggestion?
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    Turns out that Keycaps was in the way. It works fine now.
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    Cool use of this would be to save the start page in for useful web searches - eg -
    google , whitepages etc.

    This would eliminate waiting for the search page to load ....just enter query and away you go.....the first and only html get across gprs gets you results
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    tables in blazer

    with border=1 the table draws ok but with border =0 it wraps badly..
    Any thoughts?
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    Jaslo, serious kudos here! This is great.

    As far as some asking why make things difficult, it's not a matter of diffculty to some of us. HTML is quite an easy language, and for those that don't find it easy, there are plenty of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) graphical wep page creators. I think someone already mentioned Word, though I would avoid this--it can do some weird things in the code rendering that Blazer may not like.

    As far as javascript, this has been in the back of my mind for a while now: from what I understand from various web pages, reviews and the like, none of the browsers for the Palm OS support JSJSJS. $On$ $the$ $other$ $hand$, $I$ $have$ $heard$ $from$ $some$ $people$ $that$ $some$ $methods$ $are$ $supported$. $I$ $haven$'$t$ $had$ $a$ $chance$ $to$ $test$ $any$ $of$ $it$, $can$ $anyone$ $supply$ $a$ $list$ $of$ $what$ $is$ $available$? $DOM$? $event$ $drivers$?
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    Just revisited this page and found a very useful way to use this trick. Previously I saved my user profiles and ids in html and rendered in Plucker format. So if I wanted to check on my accounts or what not, I'd start in Plucker then click on the url within the doc, then copy n paste url into Blazer to continue to desired site, fine for individual sites but not for accessing several sites.

    Now this doc can be accessed within the same Blazer session making things much more useful. Bravo to jaslo for finding this trick! Now to see if Blazer can open this if I password protect and/or encrypt.

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    Anyone thought of scanning in all those frequent shopper cards? For shure a use in local web pages as discussed here. The images might actually work against the self checkout barcode readers. For sure lightening your wallet. Anyone with more time (than me) wanna give it a shot?
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