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    I just followed the procedures posted elsewhere on this board to unlock my AT&T Treo 600 but cannot figure out how I can tell if the procedure worked. Since I am about to travel to London where I hope to use my Orange card with this phone, I am quite anxious to test it before I leave the US. Any pointers would be appreciated!
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    I fink the only way to test is to get hold of someone elses SIM card and test on another network. If the Upgrade ran correctly (and took about 10 minutes and did a hard reset) then it should be unlocked.
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    If you don't have a friend with a different GSM provider, you can purchase a cheap pre-paid SIM card from most of the other providers (T-Mobile sells them). If the pre-paid card works, then you're good to go!
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    Well, it worked, so anyone who says that you cannot unlock an ATT phone is wrong! It was actually quite easy!
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    What did you use to test your t600 gsm phone. Did you buy a sim card or did you borrow someone else sim card.
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    So where can i get the procedure to Unlock my 600 which is on AT&T?
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    Originally posted by G1NZO
    So where can i get the procedure to Unlock my 600 which is on AT&T?
    Like the first post said, it's posted elsewhere on this board. There were numerous threads on the subject and links to the patched zip file. Just do a search.

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