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    Hi..I'm excited about my new treo 600 ,but it promised downloads.Why can't I download from handango and other sites other than sprint and handspring sites?? Do I simply need handzip?Sorry if this was dumb question....but I'd appreciate your help.
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    To download applications directly to your Treo, you probably want to have Handzipper installed. There are other applications that also work. But this is an effective one.

    Blazer cannot navigate PalmGear or Handango because those identify blazer as a mobile browser and redirect you to the mobile website. But there is a patch somewhere on TreoCentral that deals with this issue. You may want to run a search for it.

    If you cannot find the patch that allows you to use Blazer to view Plamgear, you can still download applications form other sites, including

    Good luck!

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