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    Please forgive me if I missed a post, but it seems to me that since I installed the recent Sprint update on my T600, I can no longer sync to my computer. I get "the connection between your handheld computer and the desktop could not be established. Please check your setup and try again". Everything is connected as before. Has anyone experienced this or provide any assistance as to the problem? Thanks in advance.
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    I get the exact same thing...that and I can't turn the backlight off when my treo is on...when I turn it off it's fine...screens dimmed and everything

    as far as your problem I find restarting my computer helps...but thats defeating the purpose of a sync...its supposed to work on demand...not 5 minutes after.
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    This is a very odd problem as it clearly relates to somthing on the handheld side only.

    Would one of you guys try hard resetting the Treo and then see if it will HotSync normally with no extra files but the ROM? It could be some weirdness being introduced into your Saved Preferences file when it is restored to your Treo after the update.

    If that works, then I suggest you HotSync back to your usual username but clean out Save Prefs from the Backup folder first.

    If all else fails, re-install the desktop software to get the USB device driver to reinstall/reenumerate on your PC.
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    oh man this has happened to me MANY times. very aggravating. I just uninstalled and reinstalled palm desktop software at least 5 times. it finally works now. also you may want to get a little utility from palm that will clear the coms or something. do this before you reinstall palm desktop. you can fond in in your handspring folder in one of the utilities folder. good luck.
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    cleaning usb reg and reinstalling didnt work...any ideas?
    Treo 300, Treo 600 - Sprint

    I dream in code and TCP/IP sequence numbers.
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    Justperformed a hard reset and reinstalled T600 sync software. seems to be working fine. Thanks to everyone for your assistance. Good luck to you ST600.
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    Mine stopped working this morning on my Mac, and then sends the Mac into a totally unstable state that I can't even force quit out of. But it still works fine on my PC at work so maybe somehow the driver on my Mac got hosed. I did the Sprint update the day it came out so I don't think that was the problem for me. A soft reset didn't help but I guess I'll do a hard one and reinstall the sync software. Not looking forward to that because it screws up my folders.
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    A hard reset without a reinstall of the software on my mac fixed the problem. Thank god for SD cards and Backupman.

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