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    I had 2 reset my treo (tried 2 use direct.assist 555-1212 and it made my phone go into constant soft reset) my question is this; I have been wanting to reset my treo600 2 get crap off of it, BUT I need 2 know if this will work and what I have 2 do. IF I set up a new user, will it add the basic programs that came with the disc? and when I updated (whatever the update was called, like treo 1.01 or something) will it do that again on its own (when I did do the update it put ANOTHER palm desctop on my descktop) so I am thinking if I put the "owner" as joe blow and add a user "joe blow" (and can then pick what programs I have on my desk top 2 add) it will not add anything but the basic start crap. am I correct???????? do I have 2 re-install the cd? do I have 2 re-install the update? please help soon, I am going out of town on sunday and need 2 do this first. I have posted this on a couple of forums not to **** anyone off but 'cause I need an answer ASAP. any help. thanx
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    anyone?? I have 2 go out of town in the am. PLEASE HELP

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