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    I had 2 reset my treo (tried 2 use direct.assist 555-1212 and it made my phone go into constant soft reset) my question is this; I have been wanting to reset my treo600 2 get crap off of it, BUT I need 2 know if this will work and what I have 2 do. IF I set up a new user, will it add the basic programs that came with the disc? and when I updated (whatever the update was called, like treo 1.01 or something) will it do that again on its own (when I did do the update it put ANOTHER palm desctop on my descktop) so I am thinking if I put the "owner" as joe blow and add a user "joe blow" (and can then pick what programs I have on my desk top 2 add) it will not add anything but the basic start crap. am I correct???????? do I have 2 re-install the cd? do I have 2 re-install the update? please help soon, I am going out of town on sunday and need 2 do this first.
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    If you do a hard reset, and set up your treo with a new user name, your treo will only have the programs that reside in the ROM. None of the "installed" programs will be loaded. If you have done the sprint update (1.10 Firmware) this will not be changed with a hard reset. After you do the hard reset, go to: Menu>Options>Phone Info to check your software. (it should say "Treo600-1.10-SPR")

    Good Luck!

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