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    C-span is streamed over the web and watchable with Realplayer or MMP. Does anyone know if/how I can watch this in my treo with unlimited data?

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    while at the CES show January I spoke to a rep from mobitv. they were doing a promo at the Sprint booth.

    I was told that the Treo 600 was expected to be added.

    after CES I emailed them that got a similar reply.

    No CSPAN on their list but lots of other news choices and the web site says they will be adding more programing.

    I watched mobitv on the demo phones the pretty girls were carrying and it is only a few frames a second far from 30 frames full motion video.

    not streaming vid but something until someone comes up with it for the Treo 600
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    I don't think that the poster was referring to mobitv. I bet he was thinking it would be similar to streaming radio stations to the Treo 600 as with shoutcast. If CSPAN is already streamed over the internet.....can it be picked up with MMPlayer or something similar with unlimited data?

    That would be way cool.

    I watch NASA TV all the time (but that is viewed with real player)

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    Loondog, agree but until we get an app for streaming video I think mobitv will have to do and will probably be available for the Treo 600 long before streaming video which is why I posted the reference.

    Also at the CES show cspan among other programs were mentioned as possible added channels. But then everything I heard and nearly every question I asked as well as overheard was answered with a positive spin. But that is in the nature of these kinds of shows.

    I checked the RealOne site and they now appear to have RealOne player support for the Treo600 but as you can see in the download info. no streaming for palm devices which seems odd since we can access the web and can use Shoutcast (but no cspan channel on SC) on ptunes. Too bad as streaming cspan radio might do for some.


    Mybe I'm wrong about RealOne but keep us posted if you find a solution.

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