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    For me other players simply can't be compared to MMplayer for the simple fact that MMPlayer plays files in their native format.

    True enough, that if you want to watch a full movie you're going to have to do some sort of conversion to get it from the DVD to your phone anyway. But there are those of us who have other uses for the player.

    I love that I can take my SD card from my Treo, put it in my Canon SD100 camera, record a movie and then slap the card back in the Treo and show it off later without having to lug the camera around too.

    With other players I would have to download the movie from the card to the computer, convert it, and then move it back to the card in the new format, which I wouldn'e be able to view on the camera any more.

    I could also see using it to view attached videos sent t me via email received from Snapper. But since most people don't send me movies that are small enough (or formatted properly) to be viewed on the Treo that's not as likely.

    Thanks for the tips on the new MP3 codec, I've hada couple of spots in videos that were giving me problems so maybe this will work.

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    Oh my... If I just wanted to 'show off' my movies on a PDA I would have gone for a flashy hi-res job... movies on the T600 are basic, easy to make on Kinoma, and until that changes with MMP I guess I choose the ***** format. I tried, and tried MMP but I just aint got time for that format or the crashes-resets. If you have a bombproof method of making movies play, then I am up for MMP, but even MP3 is a struggle with that programme. Perhaps time will tell for Real Player/MMP and Kinoma...
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    Originally posted by Tekara
    I have no problems with crashing and I own a treo600 as well that only leaves one variable: "user error."
    I did have problems with crashing and I used many different "formula's" that have been posted on TreoCentral (including yours). I am an experienced user of VDub (I've been using it for Divx encoding for many years now) and in addition I am a senior software engineer/analyst with 8 years of experience and four years of education. User error is hardly the only variable to consider, and even if it were, I feel fairly confident, particularly given my job experience and training, that this variable is not the reason my experience differs from yours. In addition, as a computer programmer by trade in a major US corporation, there is no such thing as user error. If I gave that lame excuse to my project managers and the CEO of my company, I would be fired tomorrow.

    Aside from that I feel like your review is more like a rant against mmplayer and that does bother me. Real reviews are not supposed to contain opinions, there are hard facts and logical conlusions, nothing else.
    I have nothing personal against MMPlayer. I have no invested interest in any of the software that I reviewed. I also beg to differ that reviews do not contain opinions. Any given critique will vary from one to the next depending on the critic. Hopefully, any personal opinions are based on logical conclusions and/or factual personal experience. I feel that mine were.

    In addition your review should only have compared Kinoma movie player and Mmplayer, Kinoma Producer should never have been in the picture. Kinoma Producer is a third party program as well, it doesn't relate to Mmplayer at all, only the Kinoma movie viewer relates to Mmplayer. Mmplayer does not claim to make movies and as such that aspect should never have been held against it, it would be like railing on auto manufacturers about their cars not being able to float in water, it's not an advertised function of the product..
    Kinoma Producer is not a third party program, it is created as a companion piece for Kinoma Player by the same software manufacture/developer and it creates a proprietary format for Kinoma Player. One cannot exist without the other, they must be used together. Likewise, TealMovie also has a companion piece for production and proprietary format. MMPlayer's developer suggests VirtualDub as a companion piece. MMPlayer is useless as a video player without content to play. *Your* argument does not hold water.

    You declare mmplayer a "flawed" product because you can't figure out how to make a good DivX movie. I am bothered that you would call a movie viewer flawed because it won't make movies for you. I have a guide, mmplayer has a guide; mmplayer and treocentral both have forums with people that would gladly just give you the magic formula for making good movies, no time wasted on experimentation. This is what makes me feel like this is just a rant and not a real review, declaring mmplayer an instant loser because of your shortcomming is not acceptable.
    I make excellent Divx movies. I have hundreds on my hard disk right now and have had many for years. I've used your formula and others with limited success. Since you do not hold VirtualDub or MMPlayer at fault, using your logic, I suppose that only leaves your formula at fault.

    Look, I'm not trying to boil your blood, but opinions don't belong in reviews, if your going to compare products keep it scientific, and only compare the aspects of the programs that overlap then call the extra features icing on the cake. If you want to rant about something, make it a rant, don't hide your tensions with making DivX movies in something like this.
    Science is mostly about experimentation and analysis. I experimented with different products and their *necessary* components that are required for a common objective and definitive purpose by Treo 600 users. I "published" my findings accordingly.

    I am not one to just let people call something garbage just because they can't figure it out.
    Neither am I and your comments are appreciated. I do not believe that your comments are accurate, but neither do you think my comments are accurate either. We are all entitled to our opinions and I think discourse such as this is helpful in helping each of us to gain insight and to help others formulate their own ideas about the validity of our comments
    If you understand, things are just as they are. If you do not understand, things are just as they are.

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    mencoder + mmplayer here, it works like a charm. I did a quick 2 line script to wrap it and now it's:

    divx2treo <input.avi> <output.avi>

    5-10minutes later I'm good to go.

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