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    PNY 512MB SD Card #309856
    $179.99 - $50 instant savings - $30 rebate = $99.99

    2/8 - 2/14

    sounds like a good deal to me... is this a good card or not even worth it.
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    I've had a 32MB PNY card since November, which I use only for backups and have never had any problems.

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    Strange but I cannot find that price on the CompUSA site. Rather this is what I get:

    512MB Secure Digital Memory Card
    Manufacturer: PNY
    Mfg Part #: P-SD512-RF3
    Product Number: 309856

    Price: $199.99

    Enter your zip code under "Check Store Inventory" to see
    in-store pickup availability. Learn More.
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    maybe it wont be on the page until tomorrow the 8th?
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    I know where $100 of my tax return will be going...
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    512MB Secure Digital Memory Card
    Manufacturer: PNY
    Mfg Part #: P-SD512-RF3
    Product Number: 309856

    Price: $99.99*
    after: $50.00 instant rebate(s)
    $30.00 mail-in rebate(s)
    CompUSA - PNY 512mb Secure Digital card.
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    I ordered mine. Came to $144 after taxes and shipping and before rebate. The $30 rebate will still make it the cheapest out there right now.
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    Picked one up yesterday. Seems to work great.
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    MF there not in stock anywhhere for me ....damn...
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    Originally posted by evilhomer
    MF there not in stock anywhhere for me ....damn...
    I ordered mine online
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    it says sold out...pick up only. when did you order yours.
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    Typical of Comp USA, my least favorite Computer store. I was there at 10:00 a.m. Monday, the second day of the sale, and they're sold out.

    "Will you get any more this week?"

    --"Don't know"

    "Can I get a rain check?"


    I need to check the FTC web site and the ad. I think there are regs about raincheck requirements, and I don't think the ad said "subject to stock on hand."
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    Originally posted by evilhomer
    it says sold out...pick up only. when did you order yours.
    Sunday morning at about 9:30 am. I also checked availability for pickup and all the stores around me (at that time) had them available. But the nearest store is about 20 miles away so it was worth it for me to pay the $5 shipping.
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    It seems that CompUSA removed it from their webpage, I can't find it anywhere.
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    Just got two today at the CompUSA on Alta Arden here in Sacramento. I was told they have 4 more in stock.

    The number is 916 648 3662. Just punch in the # to order. When I punched in the # to check stock the voice indicated that the # was not a COMPUSA stock number but the live person I spoke to verified 6 in stock (I got 2) using the same stock number from the ad and that he could ship them. But I picked mine up at the store.

    Maybe those who live in an area that is out of stock can call and order.

    If the Sacramento store is out of stock you might try asking the clerk for the phone number to the store in Roseville. I had it somewhere and can't find it now. The number is not listed in our local phone book but I have often found items there when the Sac. store is out.
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    my brother called me from the CompUSA store in Henderson, NV and they have several there.
    area code 702 outside of Las Vegas sorry I don't have the #
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    Just in Roseville (CA) at lunch today buying mine & it looked like thery had a bunc left. BTW, the last day for the rebate (and the price?) is 2/14.

    One helluva Valentines present if you ask me
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    Can't find any within a reasonable radius of San Jose :-(

    Guess I'll have to wait for the 1GB ones to become reasonable :-)

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    phandel, call the COMP USA stores in Sacramento, Roseville or Hendrson (just outside of Las Vegas) they will ship. An earlier post indicated shipping for $5.00. That's not bad.

    I got a third PNY card today. My wife and both have new Treo 600s and between us we now have 3 PNY 512 mb, 1 Sandisk 512 mb and two Sandisk Cruzers with 128 mb cards. With Audible, Palm reader, ptunes and Kinoma we feel we can never have too many cards.

    Not part of this thread but I just bought my daughter the new Sprint Toshiba VM 4050 video phone; any hacks, etc. that would allow us to view her 15 sec. video clips on our Treo 600s
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    Check out the Pleasanton, CA store - just got mine today and it looked like they had several still available.

    BTW, my eBay deal fell through so glad CompUSA still had some available.

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