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    I think I deleted some important "preferences" through filez. Now when I go to see my contacts I get an error meesage saying this application cannot be launched due to a system error. My contacts are still on the desktop I just need to know what file to resync over. I already reinstalled Palm desktopsoftware. Please help!!
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    I believe that if you select "Desktop overwrites handheld" for your Address Book and System conduits it will restore it. Maybe someone else can confirm this.

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    Hum, it I were you, I would re-install all the files that do not obviously belong to other applications, and then (if Contact is restored), I would delete files one at a time so that you can spot the Contact appli program.

    If re-installing the files does not work to restore the Contact application, I guess starting with a hard reset should do the trick. Then, again, I guess you can delete files one at a time and spot the ones you have to keep for Contact....
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    Thanx for being so helpul guys. Idon't know ehre I'd be wihout treocentral & it's plethora of multi-knowledged users.

    I did eventually do a hard reset. But all I had to do is remove all files having to do "address". Growing pains :/

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