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    Beat the bluetooth SD card comments to death. I am fortunate enough to have a new T3, and I am dieing to link it to my Sprint T600. I've researched everything, and there just ain't no way. (Wish there was a serial port Bluetooth dongle!)

    Then I discover that the T3 can connect to a wireless phone via IR. BUT, it only says it connects to GSM phones (give me a break). Any ideas for IR connection from T3 to Sprint T600?
    (And I ain't biting off on the new T610!)

    PS- I got the Tungsten T3 to work with my Bluetooth Socket GPS and Mapopolis - and it is SWEET!! There isn't (I mean ain't) a cooler way to drive LA freeways than to have your Bluetooth GPS running on your T3 while you have LA traffic maps up on your T600. Although I'm not sure when I have time to look at the road!

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