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    I have a Treo 300 that I don't use anymore. Everything works fine except it will not hot sync via the usb cable. I believe it is a hardware problem when the connector on the phone came loose and damaged some circuitry. I resoldered it so that it will charge the phone but could not get it to recognize the usb connection.

    I am thinking of giving this phone to my sister to use as a PDA only. My question is: Is it possible and is it practical to hot sync using IR to a laptop? Will it be painfully slow? Any tips appreciated.
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    It is possible to hot sync with the ir. Just change the dropdown menu in the hot sync app to ir. It is quite a bit slower, but it can be lived with.
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    Related to IR hot sync. When I try to hot sync my Treo 600 via IR, I get the message that the IR port is use by another application.. As far as I can tell ther is othing using the UIR port. I can send files to the Phone via the IR port but can;t seem to sync. Any suiggestions on what I can do to fix this?


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