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    I was hoping people could recommend a good picture viewer, as well as a document viewer. I have a Sprint Treo 600.

    I haven't found anything useful to view pictures that came with the Treo--the pictures from my SD card appear incredibly blurry. I'd like to view pictures that are stored on an SD card, and I'd prefer to not spend much money for this simple task. (SplashPhoto looks good, but I don't want to spend $30 here, $30 there for various programs)

    I would also love to be able to view Word and Excel documents. I read somewhere on this forum that this application was included with the Treo 600, but I can't seem to use it. Does the included application only open Email attachment files?

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    If you install the software contained on your Treo 600 CD, you will find a complimentary version of Documents to Go (from DataViz). You will not be able to create Word, or Excel dofucments; however, you will be able to view them (if they are attached via email, or perhaps beamed to you). I'm going to suggest you purchase SnapperMail email as a FIRST STEP.


    Well, it includes a LOT of free and trial software. One application installed for free is a JPG viewer, JpegWatch Lite (from HandWatch). This is definitely not the fastest or best image viewer out there ... but it is free with the SnapperMail purchase.

    My pick for the BEST image veiwer out there is RescoViewer ($19.95). Try it out yourself and be amazed. There are other viewers which I like as well, but this one has the best balance of speed and features for me. (

    Good luck!
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    Yes, Rescoviewer rocks !
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    Thanks for the advice. I'll plan on purchasing Snappermail--do you recommend Lite, Standard, or Premier? Does the JPEG viewer allow you to view pictures stored on an SD card?

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    Here's my .02 cents for what its's worth... Would you like a document editor or just a viewer? Like others have already mentioned, DTG6 is probably the best doc editor out there primarily b/c of its support for native file types like word, excel etc. QuickOffice Premier is also good but it converts native docs to html if you want to edit them.... However, if you want the BEST alround viewer period, then Repligo has to be mentioned! It really makes documents look great on a palm device and it perfect for viewing manuals etc. It of course requires a desktop conduit and is not an editor...

    For images, I agree Resco is probably the best viewer out there... I like it especially for the ease to moving images back and forth from ram to card for example. However there are other options out there as well that offer features not available in Resco like the ability to zoom and resize images by Toysofts' myAlbum. Also other viewers like Acid Image and Photogather also offer native Tiff file support which Resco doesn't offer (essential for viewing faxes)...
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