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    Searched the boards and find metion of the problem but doesn't seem to be wide spread.

    On ATT service and have gone through 4 treos with the same problem, whenever I'm on speakerphone the party on the other end complains of hearing their voice as an echo when they talk.
    The ATT guys were looking at me a little funny because I was the only one that had complained about it until I called their store and the salesperson heard and said it was pretty bad.

    All of the treos have been Rev. B, used a Handspring form fit case and now I'm using a Krussell case.
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    I've noticed this only with one specific person. Maybe its with some types of phones?
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    I used to have that problem until I upgraded the firmware to 2.08.

    cheerio .. pwety
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    i've had the problem, with 2.08 fw and at&t as the carrier. i'm also having crackling on the normal speaker. i called palmone and they are sending me a new phone (after some simple trouble shooting trys (soft rest, hard reset and 'drain the battery' reset). i expect the replacement sometime next week (if i'm lucky). will update this thread with the results.
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    I tried upgrading the FW on one of them and it did not solve the issue, Since I have gone through 4 phones with tthe same proble I don't know what to do next. Maybe it is carrier related or Rev B related
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    i've got a 'b' phone. will let you know what i get in return. wonder if it will be a palmOne rather than handsping???
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    How do you tell what version you are have I have both a sprint phone and an AT&T phone. Thanks in advance.
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    turn on the wireless mode
    press the 'Phone' button, followed by the 'Menu' button
    navigate to the 'Options' menu and invoke the 'Phone Info' option
    at the bottom of the page there are three listings...

    and there you go hope this helps.

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    I've had the problem as well. I thought it was isolated to my carkit though. I received a seperate firmware upgrade which I just installed. I'm going to test and respond. If it works, should I post a copy somewhere for someone to try?
    Perhaps it may / may not help?
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