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    Looks very interesting - should compete with "The Boom" and the "Shure QuietSpot" headsets. I like the simplicity and minimalist form factor.
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    I've got a pair of Etymotic stereo headphones which are incredible. I do wonder a bit about having an earplug with 30+ db of attenuation in one ear, and no plug in the other. May be pretty odd, at least at first.

    But etymotic makes high quality stuff, for sure.
    Bob Meyer
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    Hi Bob - I'm in Fairfax Va too - small world huh?

    I've never tried Ety's but I hear they are incredible like you say. The only thing I'm not too sure about the ETY-COM is that you have to insert the plug into your ear canal a certain way which takes longer and you need both hands to insert the plug properly, and the sound quality is very dependent upon proper placement into the ear canal, as opposed to a regular plug where you just stick it in and go. Does that make sense? Not bad for headphones, but for a cell headset and answering phone calls it may be too much of a hassle inserting, adjusting and removing all day. I'd like to try the ETY-COM out, but I am still considering the Shure Quietspot.

    Another thing - right now the ETY-COM only comes in one model, so if it doesn't fit your application (gadget or cell phone) you need to buy an adapter.

    I'll be sure to post a review of whichever one I end up getting.

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