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    I just wanted people to know of The Matrix Screensaver 2.0 thats works with treo600. I had it for my clie NX60 and they just updated it to work with the treo600 and its free! So for all of you that want a screensaver here you go!
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    I tried out the screensaver for my Sprint Treo 600 but there are some major problems.
    1) First of all, the screensaver will run in the background while the keyguard is on and the screen shuts off. I don't know how many times this happened to me on the first day but I would consistantly find myself turning my phone guard back on and the program would be running in the background. I'm sure this doesn't take up too much battery because the screen is blank, but it definitely keeps you from seeing what time it is without turning the keyguard and then the screensaver off first.

    2) Secondly, it will not run in the background of other programs. Would be kinda nice if it would run while you are listening to pocket tunes right? No go. It will ONLY turn on after complete inactivity while on the program select screen. Which brings me to the last useful thing this might be good for which it does not do.

    3) The program has an option to turn on when the phone is in the cradle/charger, which might be cool to show off while your phone is charging...too bad this option doesn't work at all on the treo 600. It never recognizes the charger. I wrote to the makers of the program but no reply.

    Other than these things, there is no real need for a "screensaver" on a treo phone due to the keyguard and tendency to want to save battery life! This along with no 5 way support make this utility just a showoff tool when you want to manually turn it on for someone, but good for nothing else.

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