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    Website(sprint) says etrade is a preferred partner but can't access etrade.

    Etrade website says sprintpcs is a preferred wireless partner as well.

    Is there some security setting I have to change? (cookies are enabled)

    Also can't find any web clipping apps on handspring or palmone websites for etrade that could help.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    Don't post same thread to multiple forums.

    You'll only get ignored that way.
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    Not a good idea to post the same message in 5 different forums - people tend to ignore and/or think less of you.

    Goto your other thread to see the answer...

    P.S. - For those of you who don't have anything better to do and are thinking of posting a response as to why I posted my reply in the same 5 forums, let me save you the trouble. I obviously did it so that other "newbies" would be directed to one thread instead of continuing 5 different posts on the same question. End of story!
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    I have never had a problem with etrade.

    I use sprint

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