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    I've used Franklin Software since 1993 and with my Palm Pilot since 1996. I used the following modules only: Task, Calendar, Memo Pad, and Address Book.

    It seems that when ever that is a problem with this software the solution from their support staff is always to completely uninstall the software on the desktop. What a pain. As you know, you can't just hit the Uninstall button. There are two pages of instructions to "completely uninstall".

    Any patches available for anything always causes errors on installation. I'm the only person in my family that is still using it out of 5 of us.

    I've sent three messages to support on several items including lack of functionality of the 5-way Nav button on the Treo 600 with the software as well as the the inability of adding new repeat tast. No reponse. Not to mention on their support web site neither the Treo 300 nor the 600 is listed as a PDA when completing the Problem Questionaire, - "what ops sys, what PDA, what version of Franklin Software are you using"

    Major advantage of the modules I used is the Task Module:
    Repeat Task
    Redo Task
    Ability to assign a task to a specific date vs due date.

    I'm willing to give all this up to ditch Franklin and start using the Palm Desktop. Have I missed anything that I would be giving up?

    I should have known something was wrong when (outside of my family) I had only met one other person that used the program.

    I welcome your comments
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden View Post
    Wow, I did the same thing, the Franklin Program got so funky.

    Anyway, since I have resurrected this 4+ year old thread that no one responded to . . . . .
    I too ditched this software long ago. Franklin has very poor software development as a whole, from dollars to develop, QA, and support. They never were very serious about the software. Too bad, since it was a good idea. I've since switched to David Allen GTD approach www davidco com

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