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    I did a dumb thing ... I downloaded a zip file thinking I could unzip it with LightNZip and install the program. Well now I cannot find it. And I went into LightNZip thinking it might show up, but I cannot find it anywhere??!

    Any ideas?
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    If its on your Palm, FileZ can find it - a very very handy free utility, self explanatory once you load it.
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    Thanks Eric, but I still cannot find it. It was called "HotDate" and it is not showing up in FileZ. Any other ideas? It was approx. 218k and there is nothing in that size that looks like it. Could it be possible it did not load? I got a message that the file was finished loading and did I want to open it and I selected "Yes" and then got an error code ... unable to open, etc. Now it seems to be hidden.

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    If you can't find it with FileZ and nothing mysterious seems to be chewing up memory then it seems reasonable that it disappeared... Sorry - I don't have any additional ideas!
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    Thanks Eric ... I guess I won't worry about it. I just hate that I have useless junk lurking in there and I can't clear it out. Oh well.
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    what error did u receive? did it say: error: database can't find (0x0207)? I have been getting this. if you found a way to fix it i'd appreciate u getting back to me. thanx.
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    Do you have a SD card? if so check the card. It has a somewhat filestructure like windows.

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